Art market analysis 2024


In line with the rather somber performance of the March sales in the British capital, the June auction results further manifest the increasing lag of the London auctions behind the New York sales series. While New York has been the dominant sale location of 20th and 21st century art for decades, ever since the pandemic and the Brexit consequences London’s auctions are notably shrinking in numbers and volume.

20th & 21st Century Art - June 2024

New York

Declared the most reliable art market barometer by some market insiders, this year's May Marquee week in New York confirmed a continuously cautious ambience and, despite a considerable amount of masterpieces among the lots, the results fall 35% short of the New York November sales. A technology security issue on Christie's website also affected the general results.

20th & 21st Century Art - May 2024


Similar to the rather somber performance of the London March sales of 2023, this year’s auction results fell short of the New York sale results of November and the overall performance achieved in the Big Apple. The art world entered a contracting market a while ago, and adding the Brexit consequences London loudly confirms this. Still, even in times like these, there are winners like Magritte, Bacon, Monet or Picasso.

20th & 21st Century Art - March 2024