Why invest in art?


Beyond its emotional and intellectual value, we believe art is a real and tangible asset that appreciates over time. It has proven to achieve attractive returns, with low volatility and low correlation with respect to equities, which in turn helps to diversify an investment portfolio while reducing risk.

Art as an Asset



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Art Market in Numbers


Global sales reached in 2019, a down 5% year-on-year.*

$ 0 % CAR

Over the last 50 years, art’s Cumulative Average Return (compared to 9.4% of shares).*

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Art auction turnover in 2019*


Artworks were sold in the Western Art Market during 2019.*

*Art Basel Report

*Mei Moses

* Art Price

* Art Price

The low volatility of art was accurately demonstrated during the 2008 recession, when art indexes dropped 4.5%, while the S&P abruptly dropped 37.5%.