Artemundi was born out of a rebellious idea and a principled objective: to help our clients build and diversify their investment portfolios without the excessive fees associated with traditional brick-and-mortar art companies while paving the way for more transparent business practices within the industry.

Since our foundation in 1989, Artemundi has evolved into an industry-leading art investment company with thousands of successful transactions and over a billion dollars managed in art. It now has over 32 years of experience providing expert fund and other management services. We know that, beyond its emotional, intellectual, and cultural value, art is a real and tangible asset that appreciates over time.

The Guernica V. Fund was specially created to the face the current COVID-19 global emergency.

Understanding that macroeconomic distortions can have ripple effects that quickly metastasize, we launched this fund to offer investors the opportunity to transfer some liquidity into an asset well-suited to preserving and enhancing wealth in times of extreme uncertainty.

In a post-2008 world, financial planning is a must. Right now, the opportunity to invest in high art is second to none. We are reserving investment allocations.