Artemundi was originally founded in 1989 by a team of accomplished art collectors who, like very few, do have understood the underlying nature and behavior of art as an asset.


We believe art in a properly managed portfolio can produce substantial profit, while reducing overall risk.


We achieved a 96.71% gross cumulative return in Artemundi Global Fund (2010 – 2015).


We discover value through innovative econometric strategies and a deep understanding of art as an asset.


We hold transparency in our practice, while protecting the privacy of our clients.

A team with experience & vision.

Our diverse team is unified by their deep artistic knowledge and their professional dedication towards delivering excellence.

Our founder and CEO, Javier Lumbreras, is an investor, developer, art funds manager, philanthropist, and art collector. He has more than 30 years of experience managing art as an alternative asset, including art securitization, art collecting, portfolio management, museum endowments, and estate planning. He frequently lectures at universities, banks, museums, and at leading media groups.



Decades of experience and our successful track record sets us apart as the only art investment management company with a tested methodology to build wealth by regularly achieving attractive rates of return for investors looking to diversify holdings into tangible assets with performance unrelated to the capital markets.

Benefits to investors.

  • Superior returns


  • Tax efficient


  • Multiple jurisdictions


  • Global market
  • Minimum transactional commissions


  • Fiduciary responsibility


  • Securitization (risk reduction)


  • Economies of scale
  • Specialized management


  • Familiar structure


  • Portfolio diversification


  • Low correlation
  • Inflation hedge


  • Low overhead expense ratios


  • Security and transparency

Track Record.

Since 1989 Artemundi has provided expert art portfolio management services to investors.
We are industry leaders with +1 Billion USD managed in art.

Art as an Asset.

Beyond its emotional and intellectual value, we believe art is a real and tangible asset that appreciates over time. It is an asset that has proven to achieve attractive returns with low volatility helping diversify an investment portfolio.

Art Market in Numbers.


Global sales reached in 2019, a down 5% year-on-year.*

*Art Basel Report

$ 0 % CAR

Over the last 50 years, art’s Cumulative Average Return (compared to 9.4% of shares).*

*Mei Moses

- 0 %

Art auction turnover in 2019.*

* Art Price


Artworks were sold in the Western Art Market during 2019.*

* Art Price