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“Untitled (80-19 Bernstein)”, 1980, ©Donald Judd

Our Team.

Javier Lumbreras, CEO

Javier Lumbreras is an investor, developer, fund manager, philanthropist, and art collector. He is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of art finance. His 30 years of experience in managing art as an alternative asset, including art securitization and art collecting, as well as portfolio management, museum endowments, and estate planning, has earned him frequent invitations to lecture at universities, banks, museums, and at leading media groups. Mr. Lumbreras’s background in art and finance hails from a family lineage of art patrons and collectors traced back to 1883 in Spain.

Mr. Lumbreras has dedicated years of service to the public as a trustee of various international art museums and institutions. He has served in leadership positions, including chairman of executive committees and acquisitions boards. He is the current chairman of the board of directors of The Art Fund Association in New York. Since the 1990’s he and his wife, Lorena Pérez-Jácome, have continued that legacy with the Adrastus Collection of contemporary art, which will become part of COLLEGIUM museum, production and research center in Arévalo, Spain. Lumbreras is the author of the book The Art of Collecting Art.


Giovana Edid, International Director

With deep knowledge in the art market, Giovana Edid leads the strategic business planning, organizational development, operational implementation, and team management to deliver the vision of Artemundi. Edid implements a meticulous examination protocol in order to seize business opportunities that align to Artemundi’s investment strategies including overseeing all inquiries, negotiations, and agreements. She specializes in investment implementation based on the latest market research and is responsible for crafting the company’s public voice through the original editorial content and analysis designed to motivate transparency and knowledge about the art market. Having directed and launched two contemporary art galleries, Edid’s professional background also includes the launching of Gallery Weekend Mexico and the development of a special project included in Google’s Cultural Institute. Edid holds an Art History degree and an Art Valuation and Cultural Marketing diplomas.

Karla Torres, Operations Manager

Karla Torres coordinates and executes Artemundi’s operational activities required in the development of Artemundi. Torres acts as a liaison to multiple international logistics companies and allied storage facilities, and is fully conversant with all customs clearance requirements. Her expertise in fine art shipping has translated in over a thousand cost-effective freights. Torres also serves as the team’s digital designer combining her creativity and technology proficiency to design and publish websites, marketing materials, and editorial content. Holding an Art History degree and multiple postgraduate certificates, Torres has ensured for over 5 years that Artemundi is running smoothly by researching new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency.

Marina Holguín, Chief Registrar

Mariana Holguín oversees and implements continuous and meticulous monitoring of the record keeping and documentation of each artwork within Artemundi’s collections. Through a meticulous acquisition protocol, Ms. Holguín is responsible for the casualty risk management of the collection by keeping track of facility reports, contracts, and legal records associated with acquisitions, inventory, incoming and outgoing  consignment and museum loans, shipping, and insurance. Holguín has a Bachelor in Art History and has previously served as Registrar for International Exhibitions and as Coordinator of Exhibitions, at the National Museum of Fine Art (MUNAL).

Angelica Herrera, Office Manager

Angelica Herrera is responsible for efficient functioning of Artemundi’s day-to-day operations through a range of administrative, financial and managerial tasks. As a lynchpin of the office, Herrera holds an essential role in balancing office budgets, employment administration, travel requirements, bookkeeping, and taxation standards of Artemundi’s multiple jurisdictions. She is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Mexico in Accounting Studies and holds a postgraduate degree from the University of Buenos Aires in Finance.

Marina Cochrane, PR & Communications

Born in the UK, Marina Cochrane promotes on our social media as our community manager. Cochrane assures that Artemundi’s communication campaigns are in alignment with our marketing strategies. By providing engaging text, images and video content for social media accounts, Cochrane uses her expertise in the international art market to ensure that Artemundi has a cutting edge, opinion-leading viewpoints. Having worked in both Madrid and London, Cochrane holds a BA Honours degree in History of Art and Spanish from Manchester University.

Almudena Mulas, Controller

Prior to joining Artemundi, Almudena Mulas was the Finance Manager of Motorola in Spain and Portugal, reporting directly to the company’s Southern Europe Controller. She was principally responsible for cost and financial accounting, annual budgeting, internal auditing and financial reporting to the corporate headquarters. Mulas has also served as financial analyst responsible for the reporting of LMPS and Mobile division in Spain, Portugal and Turkey. With over 30 years of experience in Financial Management and Human Resources, Mulas holds a B.A. in Economics from Universidad Complutense, an MBA by Instituto de Empresa and a postgraduate diploma in corporate taxation by Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce. 

Rodrigo Montes, Art Handling Specialist

Rodrigo Montes holds a deep understanding of collections care and their security procedures. With over a decade with Artemundi, Mr. Montes holds a large experience in object handling, packing and conservation, as well as the ability to work calmly and effectively to deadlines. His military background has provided him the level of perfectionism, care and commitment required to ensure the complete safety and security of the collections.

Enrique Liberman, Legal Counsel

Enrique Liberman is a corporate transactional attorney with extensive experience in representing both private and public companies in a broad range of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, private equity fund formation, joint ventures, structured finance, secured transactions, venture capital investments, securities offerings, licensing and employment matters. Enrique is the President and Member of the Board of Directors of The Art Fund Association, the trade association for the art fund industry. Enrique is also Managing Partner of Liberman Canna LLP, Partner in Business Law and Art Law + Art Funds Practice Groups, Chair of Art Law +Art Funds Practice and Business Law Practice. Liberman is General Counsel and Member of the Board of Directors of The Art Production Fund, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing public exhibitions of fine art.

Paloma EC, Financial Analyst

This critical job has been held by Paloma EC. Together with the CEO and previous fund administrator, they developed a standardized and unique financial model and reporting scheme. Our Financial Analyst helps make investment decisions studying in depth the most efficient art markets, ratios, their performance against mainstream indexes and Artemundi’s held portfolios; current trends, elasticity of supply and demand, volatility, sales, auction records, costs, fees, expenses, currency fluctuations and tax rates in order to determine financial risks associated with a particular investment decision, portfolio value, project and forecast future earnings and exit strategies.
The Analyst keeps abreast of new regulations and policies that although not strenuous in this field, may affect the art industry, as well as monitor the economy to determine its effect on earnings, investor preferences and market swings that can affect the performance of this asset.

Sandra P. Kayal, CPA

The outsourced accountant specialist prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information. Artemundi’s Senior Accountant complies with federal, state, and local financial legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation, enforcing adherence to requirements, and advising management on needed actions.



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