Covarrubias, ‘Joven Balinesa’, c.a. 1931

Miguel Covarrubias’s Joven Balinesa, circa 1931, portrays a scene featuring a Balinese girl amidst her traditional habitat, accompanied by a hen. With delicate hands resting on her knees and an alert expression, she embodies the essence of rural life in Bali. Covarrubias, a contemporary of Salvador Dali and a friend to prominent artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, dedicated a significant portion of his work to capturing Balinese traditions, showcasing his passion for ethnology.

Covarrubias’s depictions of traditional scenes consistently garner market appreciation, with prices often surpassing high estimates. Notably, this artwork holds significant investment potential, boasting a market valuation well above its purchase price. Additionally, its connection to the Nickolas Muray collection adds further allure.

Over the past seven years, comparable artworks have seen a steady increase in prices at auction, with a remarkable 23% average sale-to-sale growth, adjusted for inflation. This trend, coupled with the consistent performance of such works above high estimates, underscores the investment viability of Covarrubias’s pieces within the art market.

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Date of issuance: 15 March 2024, at 9 AM CET
Investment Available Starting at 50€
Issuer: Spectrum Utilis with Artemundi as advisor
Custodian: Splint Invest
Investment Horizon: 1 – 3 years
Expected Return p.a. (1 – 3 years): 13% – 19%
Average Price Increase in Comparable Sales, Inflation Adjusted: 23%
Secondary Trade: Splint Invest’s app
Exit Fee: 2%

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Miguel Covarrubias, Joven Balinesa, c.a. 1931