Covarrubias, ‘Juchitecos dancing the son’, 1942


In this cheerful work, Miguel Covarrubias captured a quintessentially Mexican scene: the so-called Juchitecos Dancing the Son, a traditional dance still popular today and emblematic of the culture of Juchitan.

Miguel Covarrubias was an artist and intellectual who lastingly influenced American art and promoted Mexican culture beyond its borders, since he worked from his home country and later moved to the USA. Today, his work is recognized alongside the artistic contributions of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and other key-figures of 20th century Mexican art.

The Covarrubias market has particularly increased since 2011 and its index grew by around 170% points, outperforming the index of art market greats such as Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet during the respective period.

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Covarrubias, ‘Juchitecos dancing the son’, 1942
Covarrubias, ‘Juchitecos dancing the son’, 1942
Covarrubias, ‘Juchitecos dancing the son’, 1942
Covarrubias, ‘Juchitecos dancing the son’, 1942