Dalí, ‘End’, 1952

Salvador Dalí remains a towering figure in 20th-century art, known as one of the most prominent, recognizable, and acclaimed names of Surrealism. The work End is the complement to Hidden Faces, the cover that Dalí created including the Mona Lisa, offered last year by Artemundi as a fractional investment opportunity. While Hidden Faces decorated the front of his only novel, Rostros Ocultos, End was intended to be the back cover and consequently the two works are connected artistically.

Centered around a meticulously rendered skull bearing the word “FiN” (“End” in Spanish), the artwork is an exploration of mortality and symbolism. Three wasps traverse the skull’s surface, adding an enigmatic touch to the composition, while a Catalan figure and crutch in vibrant hues enhance its visual impact.

Dalí’s works featuring skulls have consistently commanded high prices. With End being a newcomer to the market, having previously been held in private hands, its scarcity further boosts its appeal. Moreover, the artwork’s connection to Dalí’s only novel adds an extra layer of historical significance, potentially increasing its long-term value.

Artemundi and Splint Invest have partnered to offer European investors fractional ownership of this artwork starting at 50€. Investments can be made in Splint Invest’s app, where we kindly ask you to consult all the details about this opportunity.


Date of issuance: April 26, 2024, at 9 AM CEST
Investment Available Starting at 50€
Issuer: Spectrum Utilis with Artemundi as advisor
Custodian: Splint Invest
Investment Horizon: 1 – 3 years
Expected Return p. a. (1 – 3 years): 12-17%
Average Price Increase in Comparable Sales, Inflation Adjusted: 49%
Secondary Trade: Splint Invest’s app

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Salvador Dalí, End, 1952