Dalí, ‘The Mill Tower’, 1977


The Mill Tower is a collage of Salvador Dalí’s later years, executed in 1977. It is exemplary of Dalí’s experimentation with three-dimensionality, his ambition to bend possibilities and to turn the tower of six intertwined seagull heads into a tangible object.

One of the most important figures of Surrealism, the unique style of Spanish artist Salvador Dalí is almost synonymous with the art movement he shaped so much. Coherent yet truly unique are each of his artworks and especially the finely executed artworks enjoy a lasting stable position in the art market. In the last two decades, the total turnover of all artworks sold at auction by the artist reached almost USD 400 millions of which a fourth were paid for works on paper such as collages, drawings, and watercolors.

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Date of issuance: September 28, 2023, at 6 PM CEST
Investment Available Starting at 50€
Issuer: Spectrum Utilis with Artemundi as advisor
Custodian: Splint Invest
Investment Horizon: 2 – 4 years
Secondary Trade: Splint Invest’s app
Average Price Increase in Comparable Sales (past decade): 29%
Expected return: 10% – 14%
Exit Fee: 2%

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Dalí, ‘The Mill Tower’, 1977
Dalí, ‘The Mill Tower’, 1977