How the Art Market Performs (Video)

Leading the field of art investment management

13:59 mins

Artemundi Group is proud to present the following video which includes information about the business development of Artemundi Global Fund, a private fund focusing on a diversified portfolio of fine art paintings by universally recognized artists held from 2010-2015. This shortcut features top market players such as Lawrence Shindell (Chairman of ARIS Title Insurance), Anna Dempster (Head of Royal Academy of Art), Jennifer Garland (Founder of Art Peritus Appraisers & Advisers), Enrique Liberman (President of Art Fund Association), Edward Nahem (Owner of Edward Nahem Fine Art), Rose Lord (Director of Marian Goodman Gallery) and Javier Lumbreras (CEO of Artemundi). Furthermore, this video presents investor’s top concerns like due diligence, fiduciary duty, liquidity of the asset, and other industry issues related to art as an investment asset.