Picasso, ‘The Painter II’, 1970


The Painter II, a self-portrait from Picasso’s later years, exemplifies the artist’s commitment to his craft. Executed with meticulous colored crayon strokes in red, yellow, and blue, the composition reveals a rejuvenated spirit and focused dedication. Picasso dedicated well over 500 works to painting artists at work, including himself. Especially in 1970, he repeatedly returned to the theme and created various versions of a painter seen in profile handling his color palette, pencil, or brush.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone to invest in today’s top world-selling artist, Picasso, who hasn’t left the top 3 positions in the art market ranking for a decade. The value of paintings and works on paper from his final years outperforms their market volume. In 2023, Picasso’s works on paper generated over USD 32.5 million: more than many other artists markets all categories combined.

Artemundi and Splint Invest have partnered to offer European investors fractional ownership of this artwork starting at 50. Investments can be made in Splint Invest’s app, where we kindly ask you to consult all the details about this opportunity.

Date of issuance: January 25, 2024, at 6 PM CEST
Investment Available Starting at 50€
Issuer: Spectrum Utilis with Artemundi as advisor
Custodian: Splint Invest
Investment Horizon: 2 – 4 years
Expected Return (2 – 4 years): 11-15%
Average Price Increase in Comparable Sales, Inflation Adjusted: 14%
Secondary Trade: Splint Invest’s app
Exit Fee: 2%

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Pablo Picasso, The Painter II, 1970