The 9 Principal Rings of Art Investment Risks

Investing in art can bring you personal fulfillment and financial safety at the same time. However, to the inexperienced investor, encountering the pitfalls of the art market can feel like entering Dante’s 9 rings of hell. To prepare you well, we have created 9 short videos explaining the most common risks and the countermeasures we have set in place to avoid or minimize exposure.

1st Art Investment Risk: Authenticity

1:14 min

2nd Art Investment Risk: Ownership issues

1:17 min

3rd Art Investment Risk: Casualty

1:20 min

4th Art Investment Risk: Currency exposure

0:45 min

5th Art Investment Risk: Subjectivity in valuation

1:12 min

6th Art Investment Risk: Illiquidity

0:58 min

7th Art Investment Risk: Import and export duties

1:04 min

8th Art Investment Risk: No appreciation guarantee

1:09 min

9th Art Investment Risk: Underregulated market

2:18 mins

While necessary de jure rules are coming into effect, reputation is still the most important de facto regulatory bastion in the art market. Reputation can be inspired by trust, but it is mostly acquired by repeated success in transactions and trustworthy assessments. Therefore, we recommend investing through dedicated structures such as Artemundi’s art funds; it will spare you the hell on the way to success.