Javier Lumbreras

CEO & Art Collector

Javier Lumbreras (USA & Spanish citizen) is an investor, developer, fund manager, philanthropist, and art collector. He is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of art finance, namely art funds. He is the current chairman of the board of directors of The Art Fund Association in New York.

His 34 years of experience in managing art as an alternative asset, including securitization and portfolio management, as well as art collecting, museum endowments, and art-related estate planning, has earned him frequent invitations to lecture at international forums, including The Alternative Investment Association (CAIA), The Authentication in Art Congress in The Hague, the Sotheby’s Institute at the University of London, the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning, the Art Investment Forum, the American Appraisers Association and Deloitte’s Art & Finance conferences among others.

Mr. Lumbreras has dedicated years of service to the public as a trustee of various international art museums and other cultural institutions. He has served in leadership positions, including chairman of executive committees and art acquisition/curatorial boards. He is presently working with international cultural leaders, local government, and community authorities in the city of Arévalo, Spain, to establish COLLEGIUM, the first contemporary museum of its kind, dedicated to collection, archival, production and research.

Mr. Lumbreras’ background in art and finance hails from a family lineage of art patrons and collectors traced back to 1881. He and his wife Lorena have continued that legacy with the Adrastus Collection of 21st Century Art. Lumbreras is the author of the book The Art of Collecting Art.

Javier is an art appraiser, member of the AAA, USPAP compliant, and chair of our valuation board.