Artemundi was born out of a rebellious idea and a principled objective: to help our clients build and diversify their art investment portfolios without the excessive fees associated with traditional brick-and-mortar art companies while paving the way for more transparent business practices within the industry.

Since our foundation in 1989, Artemundi has evolved into an industry-leading art investment company with thousands of successful transactions and over a billion dollars managed in art. It now has over 32 years of experience providing expert fund and other management services. We know that, beyond its emotional, intellectual, and cultural value, art is a real and tangible asset that appreciates over time.

Fueled by our deep understanding of art as an asset, we help clients properly manage their portfolios to achieve attractive return rates while reducing overall risk.

Dedicated expertise

Decades of experience and our successful track record set us apart as the only art investment management company with a tested methodology.

We achieve attractive rates of return for investors looking to diversify holdings into tangible assets with performance unrelated to the capital markets.

Rebels by nature

Since 1989, we have grown contrary to traditional brick-and-mortar art businesses that carry huge overheads and excessive fees and commissions often on both ends.

Our track record

Artemundi Global Fund (2010-2015).
For more information about Artemundi Global Fund click HERE.

US$211 million
Accumulated assets under management

US$500 per share
Book value (initial)

US$983.55 per share
Book value (final)

Gross return (5 years): 96.71%
Net return (5 years): 85.36%
Average net annual return: 17.07%

From 2016 to 2019, our own and related art investment portfolio was around US$100 million AUM per annum. Artemundi produced an average EBITDA over sales of 18.8% during that same period.

Our team

A team with experience & vision.

Our diverse team is integrated by international professionals, art collectors, specialists, and enthusiasts from the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Mexico, Switzerland, and Brazil, unified by their deep artistic knowledge and their professional dedication towards delivering excellence in the art world.

Javier Lumbreras
Giovana Edid
Almudena Mulas
Karla Torres
Natascha Reihl
Daniel Fabris
Angelica Herrera
Grace Lumbreras
Marina Cochrane
Eva Ruiz
Bigna Pfenninger
Paloma EC
Enrique Liberman
Sandra P. Kayal


Keneth Noland, "Across", 1964, Acrylic on canvas.
Donald Judd, "Untitled (80-19 Bernstein)", 1980, Stainless steel, red anodized aluminum
Jeff Koons, "Smooth Egg with Bow (Magenta/Orange)", 1994 - 2009, High chromoim stainless steel with transparent color coating
Rudolf Stingel, "Untitled", 2006, Oil and enamel on canvas

Our partners

Artemundi has substantially invested in building up our reputation throughout an extensive network amongst the best art professionals.

From recognized databases to insurance companies, our strategic relationships with prominent art market specialists include key senior personnel to ensure that our art portfolio is managed with due diligence and proficiency.